Tauranga by-election,
Saturday 18 June, 2022

A vote for Sue Grey is a vote for Freedom, Democracy and Accountability

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Do you feel heard?

The message Sue hears from the People of Tauranga is that they have had enough of the loss of democracy, stolen assets, sky rocketing costs of living, lack of assistance and ongoing lies.  Sue’s party has been shining the spotlight on truth. Follow Sue’s campaign trail to learn about what is happening in Tauranga, such as:     

  • The loss of valuable community assets     
  • The loss of democracy     
  • Where the money is and is not going in healthcare, crime, infrastructure     
  • The costly errors Tauranga’s local politicians and commissioners bestowed on its   ratepayers.    
  •  And more...  

Introducing Sue Grey

It's been so exciting seeing the reception I've been getting in Tauranga... because it's been a place with so little democracy, and people understand that and they're really keen to have me here, trying to promote this whole voice of Freedom, Democracy and Accountability.” - Sue Grey

Meet Sue Grey

LLB(Hons), BSc (Biochemistry & Microbiology), RSHDipPHI 

Sue is a self-employed lawyer, strategist, mother of three and lifelong adventurer, Born in Nelson and now based in Tauranga central.   Sue's ground-breaking and extensive legal career have bought about a change in forcing the publication of previously secret 'NZ Guidelines for Judicial Conduct.' and being an author of Fisheries Law.   

Last year at least three laws were suddenly changed by the government as a result of Sue's legal work. The first was an emergency change to the Medicines Act within 24 hours of  Sue winning a judicial hearing. A documentary on this case "Truth Lies and Politics" was recently released.   

The government also changed the Covid Response Act and the Employment Relations Act  in response to Sue's legal challenges.   

Sue's earlier work resulted in the forced resignation of a former Supreme Court Judge who failed to disclose his apparent conflict of interest in owning a racehorse stud with the QC for the other party. Sue's persistence and determination was remarkable resulting in a Supreme Court recall and the first ever referral by the Judicial Conduct Commissioner to a Public Judicial Hearing Panel.   

Sue has been active in law reform on a range of human rights, health, environment and resource allocation issues always on the side of the people.  

Sue's passion is inspiring, educating and empowering communities to help promote community and environmental well being and a fairer, more compassionate world.   

Sue has walked, run, cycled, kayaked and photographed much of New Zealand, run marathons and ultra-marathons (including the 67km Kepler Challenge) and travelled extensively, as a backpacker, with her children and for business, through much of the world. She is inspired by nature and the great New Zealand Outdoors.   

Sue is unafraid to ask hard questions, and for this, she will be perfect as the representative for Tauranga.   

We certainly need strong voices to question the current government.   

Sue stands for:   

  • Democracy that allows the people to have an active role in decision making, know their views are valued and heard and give New Zealanders freedom from excessive government and international interference. 
  • Transparent representation and informed decision making that promotes a long-term vision to protect and promote the interests of all New Zealanders, that includes our children and grandchildren's future 
  • Trust based on truthfulness, and honesty with all people and all dealings 
  • Respect for people's differences 
  • Understanding what the people want and the importance of serving the people, not the people serving herself or the Government

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Tauranga issues

3 Waters legislation and its impact on Tauranga.

The Bella Vista debacle.

The disastrous Cayman Apartments episode.

Harrington 20 million of Rate payers funds invested, sold for $1.00.

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